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Hello from New York City. I just wanted to send out a short message this morning and give you a quick update on our website and blogs. First off our blogs have been fully restored and we are up and running at 100%. So blog followers, readers and admirers – comment away!

Secondly the framework of our core website ( generic canadian pharmacy :: order xenical online >>> secure … CondoDomain.com) has been restored and successful moved to a brand new server environment. In hopes to eliminate all of the bugs, errors and downtime we were experiencing, the new site is lightning fast giving you all a much better consumer experience. Search 10X faster today!

Left to be done over the next week.

1. Reinstall our core MLS search functionality on Boston, Chicago, DC, Baltimore & NYC

2. Prepare MLS installations on the remaining 15 new markets.

3. Install our new “Condo Forum” and more features we have to surprise you!

On behalf of CondoDomain I would like to apologize for anyone who has experienced technical issues or website performance over the past few weeks. I can assure you the problems are behind us now and we look forward to providing an even better experience, starting today!

Any questions – as always

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– contact your City Vice President and of course feel free to drop me a line as well!


Tony Longo
ajl [at] CondoDomain.com

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A Real Estate Blog by CondoDomain