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Foreclosure Sales are Up Nationwide

There has been a lot of attention to nationwide foreclosures in the news lately. The number of foreclosures is up this month, and looks pretty drastic. This is partly because of the moratorium on foreclosures in December and through February, awaiting word from the White House on how the federal government would intervene. Now that the moratorium is over, foreclosed properties that were already set for auction have been again scheduled for sale, and now there is a backlog of them.
Foreclosures are pressuring the real estate market in many cities, …

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More About Atlanta Foreclosures

There’s a lot of attention being paid lately to foreclosures, and how they are pressuring the market. Here at CondoDomain, we’ve partnered with RealtyTrac to bring you the latest information on buy propranolol for anxiety. generic tablets at lowest ?buy propranolol. propranolol is a prescription beta blocker typically recommended for clients detected with higher blood pressure, irregular heart tempos or … Atlanta foreclosures.
There’s also a lot of confusion about foreclosures – so lets talk about what they are. When a homeowner defaults on a mortgage payment, over …

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Atlanta Foreclosures Now on Condodomain

We’ve posted about auctions for Atlanta Condos, but here at CondoDomain, we also know that foreclosures offer our buyers tremendous savings. We have partnered with RealtyTrac to give our buyers great opportunities to save on Atlanta Foreclosures.
RealtyTrac also provides pre-forclosure and short sale information. We’re happy to present this to you and assist you in finding all the great opportunities for buyers of Atlanta foreclosures.
Looking through the data we now have on our site, here’s a few Atlanta foreclosure opportunities I really like for buyers:
Fairlie St # …

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Atlanta Foreclosures and the Obama Plan

Lets talk about the “f” word – Foreclosure. We’ve seen a lot of attention lately to President Obama’s plan to help distressed home owners avoid foreclosure, and relieve the pressure of those drastically reduced priced  homes on the market. And of course, we’ve seen this rant and this response.
What does this mean for you, the buyer of a condo here in Atlanta? Is an Atlanta Foreclosure a good deal for you? Will action by Congress keep you from getting an unbelievably good deal, or sweeten the deal …

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